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So far we have only seen notes in every measure. Now we are about to see rests in measures. Do not fear, you can do it.

Before we begin to play the songs, we must learn something about rests. In music, rests are listed when the composer wants a particular part of music to be silent. In other words, it is as if a particular hand(s) is to take a break. Even though a break is being taken, it is still very important to keep the hands in the same ready position. The reason for this is that most likely a given finger will be called upon again to play, and it is best to be prepared.

The first rest we will learn about is the whole rest:
A whole rest that a given hand(s) is to be silent for an measure.

The next rest is a half rest:
A half rest generally means that there is silence in a given hand(s) for 2 beats in a particular measure.

The last rest we will talk about is the quarter rest:

A quarter rest generally means that there is silence in a given hand(s) for one beat. Now as with the half rest, it can occur anywhere in a particular measure. It can be at the beginning, the middle, or even at the very end of a measure.

There is one other important note about rests. Even though you aren't playing in a given measure due to a rest, the rest must still be counted. For example, if there is a quarter rest at the very beginning of a measure, you must count that quarter rest as one beat. The rest should be counted just as if there was a quarter note being present, instead of the rest.

O.K. let's go on with the show...

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