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*Lesson 5*
"More Rhythm Work"

In the previous section, you saw many different rhythm patterns, and were shown what beats went with each note.

Now you will be shown rhythm patterns, and asked if you can properly identify each note and its corresponding beat. Also you will be asked to identify where each measure ends, and a new one begins.

Skill#1 All About Rests


Skill #4:  Beats with the Whole note 

Skill #2:  Determine beats with quarter notes

Skill #5:  Beats with Mixed Note Values

Skill #3: Determine beats with half notes



Lesson 1: the beginning Lesson 5: more rhythm work  
Lesson 2: notes on the piano Lesson 6: playing first songs
Quiz 1 - take first quiz Theory Exam: of lessons 1 - 6
Lesson 3: beginning to read notes Lesson 7: expanded piano lessons
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Lesson 4: rhythm work 



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